Yarn Review- ImpeccableLoops & Threads Impeccable Yarn from Michael’s is a 100% Acrylic Worsted Weight Yarn and comes in lots of wonderful colors. They have 29 solids and 14 ombre yarns to choose from. I paid $3.99 per skein. The project I’m using the yarn for is really turning out nice, but the yarn is a bit difficult to work with, particularly if a project requires tighter stitches.

The Good: great color selection! Relatively soft.

The Bad: it really catches and pulls on itself, making it harder to crochet with.




  1. November 25, 2014  12:16 pm by diana craddock Reply

    I bought and used Loops and Threads Immpeccable for the first time this past week. I loved the yarn but hats what happened while crocheting a hat. The color I was using is called Earth Ombre. It is a beautiful combination of dark, rich fall colors. I was halfway through my hat when the color pattern changed completely. I went ahead and finished my hat but it looks like I used. 2 different colors. I am so disappointed that this happened. T I thought I found a new yarn that I would be buying more of.

  2. December 26, 2014  12:16 am by Tom Reply

    I had exactly the same problem with "Earth". I bought 5 skeins fro a sweater. 2 of the skeins were nearly identical in the pattern which included a very light gray color. When I switched to the 3rd skein, right in the middle of the front of the sweater, the light gray was gone completely. The change in tones were very noticeable and the sweater was ruined. All 5 skeins were from the same lot number. I would say that Loops & Threads is lacking quality control. The final skein did have the light gray in it, but only after removing the first 30 yards of yarn! I won't buy this brand again. It was very disappointing.

  3. January 17, 2015  7:05 am by Ashley Lefkay Reply

    I was gifted the 2 skeins of the Seaside in the Loops and Thread Impeccable and the first skein was amazing to work with. It snagged a little, but I wasn't hung up on it because it was rather soft. I finished that skein and went to use the second and it was a completely different texture with faded colors! It felt like I was trying to crochet straw and the colors were so off that I had to frog the whole scarf. I can't give something that inconsistent for a gift. It was awful. I am grateful for the gift but honestly, I would never buy this and will never recommend this yarn to any of my friends or family members who crochet. Also, I have no idea who to contact when it comes to quality control on this yarn! At least with Red Heart and Lion Brand I am able to send a message to quality control so maybe it doesn't happen again but this is ridiculous.

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