Easy Crochet Hair Bows

Today I have an easy crochet hair bow pattern for you. These are so cute and quick to make. Here’s the pattern:

Using any color yarn and any size hook that suits your fancy, chain to the length you want the bow to be. (Mine are about 4.5 inches long.)
Then, in the first stitch from hook, do a half-double crochet (hdc – yarn over, hook through the chain, yarn over, pull through. There are now 3 loops on the hook. Yarn over again and pull through all 3 loops). Continue the *hdc in each stitch across the length. After the last hdc, chain 1. Turn.*
Repeat * until you have the bow the width that looks right. Mine are a little over 1 3/4″ wide. Fasten off and weave in ends.
Then, taking a long length of yarn- maybe 25-30″ or so, after gathering the rectangle together in the center, wrap the yarn around tightly and secure.
photo (3)When the bow is complete, you can use the rest of the yarn to attach to a hair elastic or barrette.

Variation: To make a bow with an edge, like the red one above, make your rectangle slightly too small with the first color. Then, with your second yarn, pull up a loop in the middle of one of the long sides, leaving a very long tail. Chain one, and then single crochet around the entire rectangle. (When you’re on the beginning chain side, you’ll only be stitching through one loop) When you get around to where you started, fasten off and wrap the yarn ends around to finish the bow as above.

I used a half double, but of course, these would work with other stitches as well.