Scalloped Headband Pattern

This fun crochet headband pattern is quick to make and turns out really cute! You can use any kind of yarn and any hook you like. Choose the finished size you’d like to end up with (see chart to right). If you’d like a bit of stretch to the headband, you can join the two ends to a hair elastic. Take the length of the hair elastic into account when deciding how many “scallops” to do.

Newborn (12 inches)
3-6 Months (13 inches)
6-12 Months (14 inches)
12-18 Months (15 inches)
18-24 Months (16 inches)
3 Years (17 inches)
4-5 Years (17 inches)
6 Year-Adult (18 inches)


(This pattern is written in US terms.)
To begin, chain to any multiple of 8 to acheive desired length. In 1st chain *sc, then hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc, sc, sl st* — repeat to the end of your chain, and the last scallop will not use the final slip stitch. Continue with a sc in the same last ch as you rotate around to do the next set of scallops on the opposite side of the chain. Then, pulling up only the single loop of the opposite side of the chain, work the same series of stitches: *sc, then hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc, sc, sl st* repeating to the other end. Instead of the final sl st, work a sc in the last chain to round off. Fasten off. (if you like the headband as-is, leave about a 5” length of yarn and skip the next paragragh.)

If you’d like a slightly wider headband, weave in the end of the first color, and work a sc border with a new color as follows: pull up a loop through the first st, chain 1, then sc in all following stitches until you’re back to the start and have a border on both sides of the headband. Fasten off, leaving about a 5” length of yarn.

If you’re not using a hair elastic, use the length of yarn to whip stitch to the other end of the headband. (A tapestry needle works great for this.) Otherwise, whip stitch through one side of the elastic to attach it to one end of the headband. Then, attach another length of yarn to the other end of the headband and whip around the other side of the elastic.

I always think a visual crochet chart is helpful- obviously I’m just showing 4 scallops, but this allows me to show both ends. Also, I’m not showing the single crochet border:

crochet headband pattern

(Read this for help reading crochet charts)

For those of you who prefer a nice printable pattern:
Open Printable Pattern

Here’s another one I did with different colors: